All Over But the Shouting

I must admit to getting out of bed more quickly than usual this morning. Nor is turning on the TV first thing a part of my usual schedule. But today being the day after, it had to be.  CNN offered the sought-after relief:  Obama was the man!

I know I live far away from the reality of everyday American life so some may say I don’t know what I’m talking about. Hell, some may say I don’t even have a right to an opinion. But sometimes distance from problems, from situations, offers perspective.

And this is my perspective: Four years ago the US population elected a vibrant, brilliant Afro-American to the presidency. As people are wont to do, they idolized him. And they gave him a list of Herculean tasks to perform while hurling obstacles across the paths that led to solving these problems. When this demigod turned out to be human after all, their disappointment was bitter. By some miracle – no, I take it back: by lots of hard work, Obama has prevailed and can continue what he started. He has in reality already achieved so much, but success seems short-lived while failures never seem to go away. At least he has four years without needing to worry about re-election. May he create a legacy that benefits all Americans.



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2 responses to “All Over But the Shouting

  1. Sue Sykes

    Well, I’m happy that you are happy with the US elections. But then, it is what I expected would happen. If any disaster ever had a silver lining, it was Hurricane Sandy, in terms of handing the election to Pres. Obama. The opportunity to show his humanity and to be on the scene to support & encourage victims, while still holding the power to really make a difference in the weeks and months ahead, well he was there. And by some weird political twist (or joke?), there was NJ’s Republican, bombastic Governor Christie giving the Pres. a bear-hug at every opportunity. How could the election go any other way? It was amazing to me that the popular vote was as close as it was…but as you have so well elaborated previously, the Electoral College made it look like more of a rout than it really was. Oh well, now we can sit back and watch the news every night to see how anything can possibly be accomplished when the Congress is still in a deadlock of partisanship. That will really be the test of poor ol’ Barack. Oh by the way, did I mention that I made the decision to stay with the guy I came with…4 years ago? Yeah, I figured it wasn’t a good time to change horses in mid-stream. So now we can move on to jollier topics. Shall we take on Santa Claus, as you suggested? Sue

    • Yes, the outcome is truly a big relief. One could be cynical and say Obama’s storm swing through the effected areas – especially NJ, NY – were more useful than any number of campaign speeches at scheduled venues. But in reality, he was doing the job he has elected for four years ago. It’s true, his new election is marred by the House still being under Republican control. Who knows, miracles may happen and some reasonable Republicans may get fed up with just being negative. Of course, pigs may start flying before that day. Obama’s new gig will not be easy. I sure don’t envy him.
      But at least he’s safely seated in the Oval Office – hope dies last (as the Germans say). And we can turn our thoughts to Santa and Xmas cookies, the Easter Bunny and other non-essentials that are more consumer-friendly. dch

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