M.I.A. – the Traveler returns

What? Did I not announce I was leaving town? Shame on me. I think I didn’t want to broadcast that I was heading for sand & sunshine, yummy food and an ancient civilization, for fear of making my loyal readers hate me. So rather than sharing lots of photos of Pamukkale, Hieropolis and Aspendos, I will just show you the sun setting on the Med. Okay, so I can’t resist adding a shot of a couple of cats at Aspendos. I sat and watched them for a while and enjoyed their society. In fact, the “wild” cats and dogs we saw wherever we visited were in remarkably good health, very tame, and looked well-fed and cared-for. The dogs had tags attached to their ears which signified they’d been inoculated and neutered. Both cats and dogs were amazingly friendly to the tourists, showing no apprehension if you tried to approach and stroke them. I even cuddled the odd kitten here and there. How tempting to abscond with one of those tri-colors (as pictured below), the most beautiful cats I know!


All good things come to an end. One returns home to November’s gloom and the impending demise of 2012, only slowed – or expedited – by the looming Christmas holidays.  But that trip only lasted a week and the second journey began almost immediately. Our son Steven has finally had his knee fixed in Straubing (Bavaria) – only 22 months after the accident that tore all the ligaments in his left knee. He’s home now and getting on par for the course but will be an invalid for the coming 6 weeks. At least the operation has finally happened and seems to be successful.
I’ll leave for today with my thoughts on November.



Like lovers bedded ’neath night’s cloak,

The mist caresses the earth,

Till crows heralding dawn,

Cry with startling mirth.


They screech, they circle,

Black dots in the haze,

They light on the oak,

Bare and wizened with age.


Their conclave is brief,

Suddenly they scatter.

A lone duck quacks,

Settling the matter.


Fog fragments rise from folded hills.

Like remnants of a dream,

They disappear when daylight breaks.

They’re seldom what they seem.


Wind whispers through nearby woods.

A scarlet leaf breaks free.

It mounts and hovers, it pirouettes.

A gust carries it off to sea.


My lungs are filled with limpid air.

What scents do I perceive?

Dank leaves embracing forest floor?

Roses hoar-frost filigreed?


Orchard strewn with o’er ripe apples,

Their gifts to Mother Earth?

Crushed chestnuts tread along the path,

Not knowing their own worth?


What weighs upon my heart so heavy?

I breathe deep and recognize.

Tis mortality’s heady scent,

That nothing can disguise.


But maybe you’ve seen it on my website? At any rate there’s more (and some in German) at: http://www.dchubbard-writes.com




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3 responses to “M.I.A. – the Traveler returns

  1. I came here looking for something else, but this inspired me regardless. Interesting stuff!

  2. Thanks to the two visitors above for stopping by! Even if the post wasn’t what you expected, it’s rewarding to hear you found something worth reading, Merry Christmas to you and your families!

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