It could have its advantages…

According to the Mayan calendar, tomorrow – December 21, 2012 – the world will end. What form will this “end” take? Will it come as a humongous galactic catastrophe? As an attack from aliens? Or as the day when, because of humankind’s profligate production of carbon dioxide, the earth will run out of oxygen to breath and we will all faint dead away? Or will some force somewhere simply flip a switch and we will be no more?

It seems our species has always had and always will need to dream up scenarios for the end of the world, perhaps as the logical conclusion to the thought that: All good things must come to an end.

Or will tomorrow turn out to be just another date for the apocalypse that will come and go without anything really…apocalyptic…happening?

Not that I wish to cause pain to anyone, but there could be a lot of useful side effects from the end of life as we know it. For example, if it were really to end tomorrow, I could completely forget all this nonsensical preparation for Christmas. No more shopping, no more card writing, menu planning,gift wrapping. I could even eat an entire chocolate cake this afternoon (I’ll be visiting my friend Suz who has a bakery, so this is a real option!) without having to suffer the consequences to my diet.

Seen on a level beyond my own little life, Angela Merkel wouldn’t have to worry about saving Greece and the Euro; Mario Monti could give Silvio B. the finger and tell the rest of Italy to go to hell in a hand basket. David Cameron wouldn’t have to worry about how to cut Britain loose from the EU without causing…the end of life as Brits know it.

Nor would Barak Obama have any need to fight the Republicans and save the USA from plummeting over the Fiscal Cliff. But even more important than that, he wouldn’t need to battle Congress and the National Rifle Association to change the f—–g gun laws in the USA.

A poster shared via Facebook displays the following incongruity:  Kinder Surprise (illegal) versus assault rifles (legal).  A chocolate egg containing a small toy for a child to assemble is banned by the FDA in the USA because it could pose a danger to small children. Let me run that through my head one more time… Kinder chocolate is illegal; assault rifles are… legal.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.[60]

That’s it, the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution that allows Americans the right to bear arms, a basic human right.  Of course, we all know that was conceived in the late 18th century; it seems the country and the rule of law have not progressed since then.

All that remains is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas…just in case we are still here. And as merry as any holiday can be after the events in New Town, Connecticut.



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  1. Yes Debbie. So many things do not make sense. A past prime minister of Aus John Howard, changed our gun laws here several years ago after an automatic gun masacre in Tasmania, thankfully. Wishing you a lovely festive season. Buon natale

    • What a sensible thing to do! Maybe John Howard could give Obama a bit of advice on how to get the job done in the US.
      Thanks for your comment and I wish you a buon Natale, too!

  2. Sue Sykes

    Has anyone ever commented on how cynical you’ve become? There is always so much more behind every printed story than we mortals can imagine. Granted changes are always necessary….and often painful….but the USA has survived some pretty tough stuff in its 200+ existence, and has still come through as humanity’s best option – So I hope you’ll soon weary of trashing us at every opportunity. Frustration is one thing (shared by most Americans) but slings and arrows are not helpful. S.

    • No one knows how cynical I’ve become because no one knows me as long as you have. But as an American I have every right (even as a foreigner I would have) or even the duty to criticize the gun laws in the US. Unfortunately I can only vent frustration here. I am well aware that the powers that be (NRA, a lot of Republicans and whoever else) don’t give a sh– what I think. But freedom of speech is also well enshrined in the US Bill of Rights – at number one! It’s a right I shall continue to exercise as should every responsible citizen. It has nothing to do with “trashing” the US. Come on, I don’t seriously believe that you believe “my country right or wrong”!
      Merry Christmas!

  3. Funny how the ‘well regulated militia’ bit is always missing in action during gun debates. Discussions would make much more sense if they either included the complete Second Amendment, or missed it out altogether.

    • If I’m honest, I’m not really sure what a well-regulated militia means in a modern context. I guess it is the police force and national guard. But that issue is…not at issue. Last night on the Jon Stewart “Daily Show” (actually from 18.4.), Jon showed what a mockery the whole business of gun control is. I highly recommend everyone to watch it:
      Jon is a master of focusing on the obsurdity of the arguments put forth by gun control opponents. I take great pleasure in watching him, because it’s such a relief that there are Americans out there who can think!!!

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