And we thought we’d get away with it, not having a freezing White Christmas, not needing extra layers of protection. No, Siberia has moved in from the east to send shivers up and down our spines. So while you await pronouncements on more significant matters such as gun control in the US and Britain’s love/hate affair with the EU, I suggest you ponder this baffling question: when will DC Hubbard finally settle down to work on her next novel? If that doesn’t do it for you, consider this ditty from last February’s arctic spell.


 An ill-tempered diva

Comes late to the ball

Making bloody-well-sure

She’s seen by all.

She arrives from Siberia

On Putin’s east wind.

She’s set me ashiver

Right down to my skin.

The Land’s now as frozen

As my ancient computer,

The ground dry and shriveled

Like a seventy-year-old suitor.

The woods are snowless

Their breadth and their length,

Paths lit by sunrays,

Devoid of all strength.

Mummified me,

Sheathed in layer upon layer.

Thank God for Thinsulate.

It’s a real lifesaver.


Filed under Poetry, Seasonal Reflections


  1. Sue

    Well, I may have seen it before but still enjoyed your “dittie'” on winter. Here’s a thought: maybe while you’re waiting for inspiration on Uncle Ezra..maybe you ought to publish an “anthology” of your poetry. I’d love it on my bookshelf.

  2. Oh, how I’d love to oblige! And I could probably collect enough poems from my hard drive to get a short anthology together. So quantity may be less of a question than quality. I’m not sure a poet who knows what he/she is doing would be impressed with my lyrical outbursts.
    However, the time involved in revising and editing (and then production!) of such a little book would mean it would just take me longer to get to Uncle Ezra. For it’s not lack of inspiration that is keeping my from writing the prequel. It’s life and all its ins and outs. But soon, I hope soon it will be possible to concentrate on the project.

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