Rabbie Burns – another thought


With the success of Burns’ Suppers across Germany – and I believe in lots of other places, too – it makes me wonder exactly why this event has become so popular.

Surely the significance of Burns’ poetry from over two centuries ago, mostly written in a dialect that needs translating for even us native English speakers to understand it, can’t be the true reason. With growing globalization, where more and more countries and peoples are becoming “homogenized”, Anglo-Saxon-ized, and losing touch with the culture that is their natural habitat, does it indicate a need to return to traditions almost lost? Or is it in itself a part of the globalization process? Are we successfully being sold a product, a lifestyle?

Or is it just a great evening out, a chance to dress up and drink whisky? What do the Scots out there have to say? Or anybody else, for that matter.



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2 responses to “Rabbie Burns – another thought

  1. Gisela Lochner

    Liebe Debbie, gerade habe ich mich mal über Burns schlau gemacht! Ich hab ja sonst nicht viel zu tun, weil ich den ganzen Tag faul in der Sonne liegen kann. (Seit Samstag sind wir in Nerja, 80 km östlich von Málaga. Sehr empfehlenswert! Liebe Grüße und hasta luego! Gisela

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