Easter Sunday morning, half past nine. The central heating is humming away and outside the weather god vacillates. Shall I rain down a natural disaster upon these people or merely threatening them with wind and cold, black clouds? In any case he (or she) cannot make up her mind.

As for our part, we traveled down to our bolt hole in Italy with the faint hope of outrunning winter. In that respect, the effort was a waste of time. However, between the necessary smartening up of the place for the coming season’s guests and socializing with local friends, I would never say a visit to our cozy corner of Le Marche is wasted.

And then there’s the creative part. Getting away from home and its associated chores liberates the juices in the brain (sorry for bringing in such a technical term) so thoughts can run along different, maybe less worn out, neural pathways. Which brings me to the title of today’s sermon – uh…I mean, today’s ramble. (Don’t worry, although it’s Easter, I refuse to fall into religious mode.) (Indeed, I have no religious mode.) So…

What is a CREATIVE BREAK anyway?

Is it an interruption from your usual rutted routine that frees your mind from the box where it lives and opens it to more imaginative endeavors? Or is it, on the contrary, a foray into those very mindless, repetitious chores? While your body is busy wielding arms and legs in the fight to conquer weeds and rampant trees, or banish winter’s thick coat of dust and cobwebs, the mind has run off on holiday to escape the boredom and returns waving plans for all sorts of exotic schemes.

It depends entirely on the nature of your day job. And therefore, each individual will need to work this out for himself. As it happens, I took a several week vacation from blogging – which, believe it not, is not a completely mindless activity – to allow my neurons to bathe in the beginning of my new novel. While submerged, those cells are so busy – and outright ecstatic that they’ve been given their heads to run away with the story – that all other tasks are a pain in the ol’ proverbial butt.

BUT(T)…before we came down here, my neurons came up with some great ideas about where to take that story, and it all happened while I was bored out of my mind and thrashing my legs on the cross trainer at the gym. So a creative break can be a brief interlude at the fitness center (not ever too brief, as far as I’m concerned…) or a journey to parts south.

Sorry, I must interject:

Despite closed windows I am hearing the bells at the village church, calling the faithful to worship on this Easter Sunday morn. Even a few rays of sunshine broke through the apocalyptic cloud cover, if only for seconds, to underscore the joy of the occasion for those who believe.

Now I’ll end my musings and spare you my thoughts on Berlusconi, Pope Francesco, the Cypriot banking debacle, and why I am one of the few people who doesn’t blame Angela for everything that goes wrong in Europe. I certainly won’t get into the mess with the US budget and the question of why Democrats and Republicans are such two-year-olds.

One advantage of being in an area of limited internet access: for a brief while we can let the world and its problems pass us by.





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7 responses to “CREATIVE BREAK

  1. How is tre archi? Good news for the folks in Europe – summer is just around the corner. I wish you all the very best with your next book Lyn

    • Hi Lyn, the house is great, the weather sucks. Thank Giove for central heating. Summer is just around which corner? Spring hasn’t even got here yet! Happy Easter!

    • I told you I don’t do typing – see above.

      Stalemate Italy

      ‘Beware of situations where everyone has a little bit of power; where everyone can constrain and veto but nobody has the power to get things done’ – Moisés Naim.

      Burly Boy, with his political ideology best described as Burlesquonanismo, used to think he was an Alpha male , but now the old organ grinder ( pun sort of intended) has little to put forward except his monkey called, quite appositely, Alpha No (Alfano)

      In a long interview with RAI 3’s favourite biased interviewerina , called Lucky Announcer (Lucia Annunziata) , he spluttered away in trying to be incandescent ( difficult when you’re spluttering) at the idea that the some 10 million people who voted for Burly Boy were being insulted at not being consulted in the casting for this opera buffa called Italian government. He failed to realise you cannot be held to insult those whose stupidity is beneath contempt – as Einstein put it so well,’insanity: is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ The Rabid Hamster aka Lucky Announcer , by the way, wouldn’t even make it as a political interviewer in Uzbekistan – a mite partial even for them

      Opera buffa was invented here and despite falling audiences seems to have taken over the national psyche. Not really surprising – have you heard their pop music? A decent dose of Gilbert and Sullivan would do them good. Rossini when all’s said and done is not much classier in the score and a lot less witty in the libretto.

      The top ice cream seller, who is, believet it or not, actually called Neapolitan , should do the obvious. Whatever the ghastly constitution says – forget votes of confidence and accept the Ranting Comic’s proposals that they’ll support XYand Z if put forward by ‘He of the furrowed brow and dead cigar’ aka Pure Lugubrious ( Pier Luigi B.) and rapidly plan for new elections with fewer MPs at lower salaries and none of this nonsensical 25.9% of the votes versus 25.4% giving the greater of the two, 55% of the seats in the lower house of a dysfunctional bicameral system. Life senators no vote or better still no senate at all.

      If not we’ll have , elections even sooner, and, dah dah Burly Boy will be back; the Ranter will have been roasted and his Grillini grilled .Even the Italian voter can recognise someone who’s bottled it because he couldn’t bear to be held responsible for anything. Then we’ll see Alpha No plus the garden gnome take on Bismark in a Cardigan aka Auntie Angie in the matter of Eurobonds and debt sharing for all. If the lady’s not for turning in the matter of debt solidarity then, as far as the Euro is concerned, it will be , ‘ One out , all out’. This used to be the rallying cry for our GB trade unions – it will be a nice irony to see a right wing government adopting it . Even more ironic is that the competitive advantages of the subsequent devaluation will be under Alpha No inflalted away in about 4 nano seconds.

      • Hey, Nic, Thanks for the update on the Italian situation. Note to all others: he lives about 500m away from us but has much better internet connection – there is really no justice in this country. Without the connection it is hard to stay tuned to the latest twists and turns here.
        Guess it looks like new elections then! Cheers, Debbie

  2. Sonja Rohde

    I don’t like the weather,
    but I like your writingstyle ❤

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