Dear Reader,

I’ve fooled around – incompetently – with trying to remove those offensive ads. This afternoon they are not appearing either on the dashboard or on the actual blog page. Did I truly manage to banish the spook?

Please let me know if they appeared on your computer when you opened my pages. Not being a techie, I don’t know if you were seeing what I was seeing. Maybe you were spared!

Signed, The Management



Filed under Fiction and Other Truths

2 responses to “GOOD NEWS ABOUT BAD PIX

  1. gattoroso

    They seem to be gone, Debbie. Let’s hope they don’t come back for a visit. Jayne

    • Hi Jayne! I appreciate your confirmation that readers were seeing them and that now they’ve disappeared. At one point I did wonder if they were only materializing on my version of the blog pages. Thanks a lot! D

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