The Wall – Anti-Semitic?

Just a quickie here to comment on the concert critique published in our regional rag, The Wiesbadener Kurier. The author was not at all taken by Roger Waters’ opinions as presented in his rock opera. The critic judged it to be anti-Semitic. It strikes me he wasn’t paying attention.

In my opinion, Waters’ work shows a total lack of deference for whom he is prepared to slate. For he doesn’t limit his criticism to the Jews. All three “Great” Religions are denounced as warmongers, along with Big Business and Big Ideologies. In fact, he liberally hits any establishment force we can think of. It would be more correct to label him an anti-Faschist and anti-Communist, but as an over-all label, anti-warmonger fits best.

When we consider that he wrote the work in 1977, it is astonishing how valid it still is – and disturbing. Nothing has changed in thirty-six years. Only that perhaps we are now less innocent than we were in the seventies and eighties. I know, at least, that is true in my private world.

How do you see it?


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