Italian Politics – And the Beat Goes On and On….

I do apologize for blogging two days in a row, but my expat friend and Italy expert Nic Mudie stuck this piece in as a comment on a post. So thought I’d better put it where it belongs.

Here’s a new one for your Italian file, straight from the online pages of the Economist and the FT:

Burly Boy with his three governments has had, including a full 5 yr term, more opportunity to begin to set things aright in Italy than anybody else ( see below) .. The fact that he has not done so, is a not very handsome tribute to the political naivety of the Italians. He’s not the disease – just a symptom ; not that those can’t be nasty. Unfortunately there are still 10 million voters out there with the attention span of a gnat and the appetites and morals of a 14 yr old feral child. It beggars belief that some quite intelligent women are to be found in his political ( not domestic ) entourage . Maybe this is a comment on the misogynistic dinosaurs of the left, so the Gelminis, Santachès of this world can only have a political future as a Burly Boy handmaiden. It should be perfectly obvious but obviously is not , even to the self styled bien pensants , in Italy.that the constitution needs changing; especially re the senate and that the electoral law needs changing. Of all European nations Italy has the highest paid politicians and the greatest number of governments since 1945 (65 in all) and still counting (one lasted 9 days , two the eternity that is 11 days and two 12 days) . On the other hand it is quite possibly the worst run country in group that is much wider than just Europe. The conclusion that the entire polity, which was set up with the excesses of Fascism on the one hand and the fear of communist takeover in mind, needs a complete change is not one that most Italians seem able to draw. Until they do this mess will persist.

Tomorrow is the last, last well almost the last last for the last time critical day for Burly boy and his garden gnome plus Alpha No to see sense and realise that some kind of property tax is required. Otherwise 10 yr. spreads against 10 yr Bunds are going stratospheric as we look forward to an expensive, uncalled-for early election.

Gee, hope you all understood Nic’s cryptic message!



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4 responses to “Italian Politics – And the Beat Goes On and On….

  1. Alison Ward

    Totally lost – far too cryptic for me! Maybe I should renew Tim’s Economist subscription so that I have a vague clue what is going on in the world…..but I never read it when he was alive and he didn’t quote chapter and verse to me, and still I’ve managed to live a reasonable life….ish. Politics – duh! Disenfranchised anyway. Still have to pay lots of taxes though.

    • Hi Alison,
      Nic loves to be cryptic. Not to worry. Although it is not absolutely necessary to know what’s going on in the world, it doesn’t hurt. Some of us have been blessed with an overblown sense of self-importance and feel we need to be in on everything. But it’s true: we barely matter in the scheme of things. Still I feel a need to be up-to-date if possible on world events. It comes from studying history, I guess. But I would recommend reading a newspaper or mag. We are, after all, citizens of this planet. As John Donne would have told you: Never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

      How’s that for remembering a bit of poetry from English lit? Cheers, d

  2. stanito

    This is embarresing, awfully true, and tragic!
    I love my country soo much, but I can’t stand seeing it so ruined because of one man and his friends!

    How can 25% of Italians still believe that accepting Burly’s favours has damaged our economy and life even more?

    Thanks for sharing this Debbie, and I apologize for my burst, it’s just that it hurts seeing that we are getting worse everyday. People need to wake up, stand up and protest for what they want, and I see non of that.

    • No need to be embarrassed, Stanito! If I didn’t agree with you and Nic, I wouldn’t be posting his opinions.
      Burlesconi has presided over the greatest dumbing down of a society in modern times and that is the tragedy! Only the Italians can rise up and do something about it. Voting en mass for Grillo was a start – only to have all those votes wasted because they wouldn’t participate in a government! That was a very innocent and foolish way to approach protesting. It’s time individuals took up the responsibility they have as citizens.


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