Call me morbid….

…if you like, but when November arrives, I, like many people, start thinking about the year’s demise. All around us, nature is delivering the same message, telling us it’s time to go inside, build a fire, eat nourishing hot food and uncork a bottle of red. Around us the politicians are still wrestling with their coalitions, with budgets and policies, with fiscal and Euro crises. As for me, I’m ready to hibernate like the forest and its inhabitants, ready to hunker down with thoughts, good books and good stories to tell. So indulge me this poetic post. I’ve been fiddling with this poem for years, this being its latest incarnation.



Like lovers bedded ‘neath night’s cloak,

Mist caresses Earth,

Till crows heralding dawn

Cry with startling  mirth.

They screech, they circle,

Black dots in the haze,

They light on the oak,

Bare and wizened with age.

Their conclave is brief,

Suddenly they scatter.

A lone duck quakes,

Settling the matter.

Fog fragments rise from folded hills,

Like remnants of a dream.

They disappear when daylight breaks.

They’re seldom what they seem.

Wind whispers through nearby woods.

A scarlet leaf breaks free.

It mounts and hovers, it pirouettes.

A gust carries it off to sea.

My lungs are filled with limpid air.

What scents do I perceive?

Dank leaves embracing forest floor?

Roses hoar-frost filigreed?

Orchard strewn with o’er ripe apples,

Their gifts to Mother Earth?

Crushed chestnuts tread along the path,

Not knowing their own worth?

What weighs upon my heart so heavy?

One more breath, I’m not deceived,

The heady scent of mortality

Is the shroud enveloping me.




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7 responses to “MORTALITY

  1. stanito

    Beautiful 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Stanito! Funny thing is, it’s a good idea to re-read what you posted a year ago. It seems November always affects me this way, because I posted it in 2012, when the blog was brand new. Of course, this version is changed somewhat. And besides, who saw it last year? No one has complained as yet.

      • stanito

        I couldn’t agree more, re-reading posts is always good, you can re-post it or alter it, plus you give it more chances of being read as in one year I’m sure you have a lot more followers, si?
        November is a tricky month, and strange as it is, this year in Rome it still doesn’t feel like November to be honest, too hot and too sunny, there’s something wrong..

      • Gosh, I hope I have a few more followers than a year ago when my blog was a month old. But there’s still lots of room upwards.

        I was in Rome one year in November, long, long ago. I left Germany in a winter coat and warm boots and temps in Rome were in the 20s. We sat outside at a cafè at midnight in light sweaters. So that is not normal then?

  2. You’re dead right. But you’re not. I’m glad to say. Such is the beauty of a non-inflected flexible language.

    • No, I’m not dead and it’s a matter of opinion if I’m right. It may even be a matter of opinion if I’m alive. But if you can’t find me, try looking in front of the fireplace. 😉 And let’s hear it for non-inflected flexible languages! (Or is there only one?) It is of course the source of so many word games we are priviledged to play.

  3. stanito

    Nop not normal 🙂 in fact November is typically rainy and cold.
    There are years such as this one where weather goes crazy. Let’s hope that winter won’t take its revenge on us…

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