I received a rare and unexpected visitor yesterday. While sitting at my desk working on posting MORTALITY, I noticed a strange fluttering next to me, between the thin curtains and the window pane. There is no telling where this fellow came from. How did he get in? No idea. But there he was, clamoring for freedom. After taking his picture as he rested, I opened the window and released him.
Thinking about it, whether I kept him caged inside or let him loose into the sunny but cold November day, he was doomed.
Transience? Mortality? Aren’t we just like him?
…Although not all of us are quite so beautiful and almost none of us can fly.



November 14, 2013 · 13:40

2 responses to “UNSEASONAL SIGN

  1. Gisela Lochner

    Liebe Debbie, danke für den Schmetterlingspost, sehr spirituell! Mein Nachbar, der Dichter, hat mich auf ein neu gegründetes Forum aufmerksam gemacht: Musentempel.xobor.de. Vielleicht kannst du da deine Posts einstellen, denn zum einmal posten sind sie. viel. zu. schade! Liebe Grüße Gisela

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