Too Busy…

My New Year’s goals and project planning are already proving a great success. All sorts of jobs are in the works and keeping me busy.


How’s a girl supposed to write blog posts without having some time to think? How’s the same girl supposed to work on the novel-in-progress when she’s occupied with more mundane items like clearing out the living room? And I mean CLEARING OUT in caps! Everything has to be moved out in preparation for painting and new flooring.

I am a victim of my own organizational success. So please bear with me while I work my way through some of those To-Do List points. When I’ve had the pleasure of ticking a few off, I’ll return as a more reliable blogger.

…that is, if I manage to come to grips with Windows 8. I was forced to declare my beloved 7-yr-old desktop (with XP) for dead . However, during those years Microsoft was not standing still – although not all forward movement is progress, and I must now reboot this ol’ brain to a new system.

Of course, it’s all my own fault, for another aspect of my malaise is that so many projects have been ignored over several years due to the single-mindedness (stubbornness?) that somehow got me through writing and publishing The Peace Bridge. Wouldn’t it be great to have it both ways? To be submerged in the writing and still get those necessary – and satisfying – home projects done. A clone would be the answer, but I’m not sure that’ll happen in my lifetime. Looks like just being (one) human, with the usual backlog on the To-Do List, will have to suffice.

How are you doing with your 2014 goals? Any successes to report? Would love to hear from you.


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2 responses to “Too Busy…

  1. Lyn

    Deb. It is good to be busy. I am much happier to be busy. Do you realise that the busy folks are the ones who achieve so much.

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