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My Political Seer from the Sibillini Mountains

Once again I have been privileged to receive pronouncements from a political voice rising from the mist of the Sibylline Mountains in Central Italy. This time Nic Mudie offers his brief but scathing views on a couple of the seemingly eternal problems dodging the EU. I have added a couple of notes in parenthesis to help foreigners understand Nic’s code. (Although some of it I don’t understand myself…)

Tsipras, I had assumed, was the demotic spelling for Cyprus in Latin script but turned out to be the moniker of a feisty fart young smeller who changes his tune about 3 times a day. But then the Greeks can be relied upon to have several words for it, whatever it is. I was also convinced that his companion in crime , if not support for Crimea in Russian hands, said ‘ Where? You fu..ers’, as he threatened to let the tyres down on poor old Schauble’s Rollstuhl (wheelchair) . It turned out that Veroufakis was just introducing his well qualified self. Having taught economics just about everywhere including Cambridge he’s now got the chance to put it into practice: call it work experience. He can be his own intern.
Once Draghi’s (head of European Central Bank) had his hissy fit about not swapping meaningless paper for worthless, watch out for extend and pretend re Greek loans. Paper vehicles like ‘variated zero coupon perpetuals ‘ will start flying around. As I said, Greeks have always got a word for it which means ‘We’re not paying’ to them and ‘ Oh yes you are’ to the German taxpayer. Wiser heads than mine will start wielding terms like bisque bonds, which means to most people: delicious creamy lobster soup (the average German will think to himself that’s far too good for those lazy Levantines and I’m not going Dutch on the restaurant bill; I only had Wurst und Kartoffel (sausage and potatoes). The term was first coined by Keynes and sought to tie interest rates and rates of repayment to changes in GDP growth.

Nuffovallthat (enough of all that): we’ve got a new president in Italy after only 4 rounds of voting and Burly boy (Berlusconi) is definitely pissed off, as this new chap is most unlikely to offer him a pardon.

Nic did send me this a few day ago and thus I am forced – to my chagrin – to add the latest on Berlusconi. He has won the final appeal against his conviction for having sex with an underaged prostitute and a few other associated charges. He had been banned from holding public office, but now that, too, is rescinded. Despite theoretically having been cleared, the 78 year-old has suffered massive damage from the disclosure of the regular “bunga-bunga parties” with prostitutes that took place in his Milan villa.

We can only hope that the Italian electorate has finally recognized this man for what he is. May they never again let themselves be seduced to elect him to public office!


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