The Continuing Saga of a Land Cursed

By Getting That for Which It Voted


Keeping up with the press in the last 10 days has been an exercise in head shaking, if not outright head banging. Two days after the Brexit debacle, the country was already in denial, and the disaffected were calling for a repeat referendum. And a lot of them had voted for Brexit!

All of a sudden, all that the leave campaign had promised if the UK left the EU became relativized. Like the 350 million pounds that would go straight into improving the National Health system. No, sorry, they couldn’t guarantee that. Well heck, just because they wrote it on the sides of big red buses and drove them non-stop around the land, that didn’t mean it would happen.

And well heck again, maybe that’s NOT what we pay into the EU every week any way – as the remain side told everybody, but no one seemed to want to hear it. It was the gross payment, and not the net payment, which is calculated after all that Britain gets back as support for various projects and the rebates that they jealousy accrued over the decades. In the end the figure was more accurately stated as closer to the 190 million pound mark that was paid for services rendered.

Then there was the claim that Britain could, on its own terms, stay in the EU single market but without the free movement of workers, i.e. immigrants from other EU states. During the campaign EU politicians had already burst that bubble. But the leave campaign wouldn’t listen and kept promising this. On day one after the vote, I heard the only UKIP (the right-wing anti-Europe party) Member of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, holding forth to a BBC interviewer that Britain could now demand this and demand that and would get it. On which planet does this man reside? (Or what is his drug of choice?)

All sorts of other important facts, like the actual relationship of the EU to the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) with Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein, seem to have fallen by the wayside. That these states also pay their dues to the EU for the privilege of access to the market – without any right to participate in making the laws that regulate that trade – seems to have got lost in the rhetoric on how Britain would determine the future set-up. Doesn’t that sound like a bargain for the Brits? Just the ticket?

Then there are the Scots and the Northern Irish. The former are already looking for a date for their next independence referendum. They are devoted believers in the European project. The Irish are considering their options. Somehow reunite with the Irish Republic? Will the entire United Kingdom disintegrate over this issue?

An issue that should have never been brought to vote in a referendum?

On Saturday tens of thousands demonstrated in London to stop Brexit. London voted clearly to remain – let’s face it, of all parts of the UK, they have the most to lose – but at this demonstration, people from all over the country came to protest what was about to happen. The petition for a second referendum already has more than 4 million signatures.

Then of course, with David Cameron stepping down, the race for the next Tory (the currently ruling Conservative Party) leader got into full swing. After Theresa May (current Home Secretary and a remain supporter) and Michael Gove (Justice Minister and Brexit campaigner) announced their bids for leadership, everyone waited with bated breath for Boris Johnson to throw his hat into the leadership ring. BoJo’s speech reflected his personality, albeit somewhat subdued. He had canvassed the Parliamentary Tories and found that at this juncture, he would not be vying for the leadership post after all – and thus, he would not be the next Prime Minister. It would seem that the Parliamentary Tories – who would have to elect him – were more remain than leave. He found no support. That’s the tricky thing about power poker.

BTW, Gove, after maintaining religiously that he was not interested in the top job, basically stabbed BoJo in the back with his declaration. (New nickname: Brutus.)

This was a while after BoJo assassinated Cameron by means of a late switch to the (dark) Brexit side.

Oh yes, I must not forget to mention that the leavers seem to have been totally overwhelmed by their success and seem to have no idea of what to do next. Cameron is leaving it to his successor, sometime in the autumn, to initiate the exit process by activating Article 50 of the EU contract. But the EU wants them to start the process today.

The opposition Labour Party is also in disarray. Their leader Jeremy Corbyn, an anachronistic left-winger, is seen is a huge mistake. How fast can they get shot of him, just in case a general election winds up being called?? It’s difficult: He will not go softly into….

The campaign slogan that Brexiteers banged on about incessantly was: “Let’s get our country back!”

Well, now they’ve got it. And they have no clue what to do with it.

So dear readers, the dog’s dinner currently on the menu in Britain has been served. Enjoy your meal.

I trust this round-up gives you an idea of what’s been happening in Britain. Feel like shaking your head in disbelief? Feel like banging it against the nearest wall? I know the feeling. Sure, go ahead.







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4 responses to “POST-BREXIT BLUES

  1. I find your title, a land cursed, offensive. Banging on about the polarity in Britain is not helping anyone, indeed, like the media you have jumped on the fuelling negativity bandwagon. I wish you the best of luck with that.

    • Hi Susan,
      Sorry you were offended by my formulation, but it does seem to me that Britain got what 52% of its voting population wished for and now has no idea what to do about it. If you can direct me to some positive media reports on how the new leadership has plans to fashion a new and better Britain, I’d appreciate a link or two. So far however, I have not seen any sign of a plan, or indeed, of the leadership required to carry one out. With Cameron on his way out the door, Boris retreating with his tail between his legs, and Gove taking on the despised role of Brutus, that leaves Theresa May (a remainer) and Andrea Leadsome (a Thatcherite leaver). We will see what will come of it all.
      Good luck with positivity!

  2. Sue Sykes

    Hi,  Am I correct in assuming that this “post” was written by my dear little sister?  You sure do have quite a handle on England’s political scene.  I think you should be writing for the London Times…if you aren’t already.  QUITE AN ASTUTE REVIEW! I’m very impressed.    But then, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, as you seem to really dig into such things….maybe you’re wasting your time writing fiction!  Truth seems even better!     Meanwhile, I look forward to the English translation of your latest published treatise. Love ya’ Sue

    • Thanks for your complimentary words! Unfortunately, my knowledge is entirely gathered from the press. I have no inside track with the venerable politicians that have cooked up said dog’s dinner. My passion comes from concern for what Britain has now let itself in for. My knowledge of history, accrued over my few years (not even a blink of the eye really) on this planet, tells me this is not a good path to follow. I am not alone in this view.

      I would gladly turn my keyboard to writing only fiction and this past year I’ve barely blogged due to fiction work. Doing that is like spending my days at the playground. But alas, the world is in such a mess. It feels almost irresponsible to only read (or write) fiction when the globe is on fire. Obviously, my blog posts won’t make a hill of beans difference. Unless it’s to raise the consciousness of a reader somewhere who will be inspired to pay attention to the politics of their country and vote with their eyes and ears open. End of today’s rant.

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