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The Peace Bridge author is getting ready to shut down this device for the Holidays and do lots of real-time interacting with family and friends for the next couple of days.
I’d like to wish you peace for Christmas. It is such a precious commodity for its being so rare. Every year the situation on the world stage seems to deteriorate that much more. Or are we just more aware of it, with our never-ending flow of news – BAD news!
There are brief flashes of good news. For example, two grandbabies have just been born – one of them is a friend’s, the other is our very first.What kind of legacy will we be leaving them?

Since I don’t believe in praying to God, I’m praying to you to reach out with a simple act to make the world a more peaceful place. You and I won’t be able to influence world politics to any extent, but if we start close to home, in our neighborhood and in our towns, maybe small kindnesses will swell into larger ones.
I’m thinking specifically of the refugees flooding into Europe from the countries that are war-torn and sinking into chaos. I’m thinking it’s time to do something hands-on to help make them more welcome in our societies which must appear so totally foreign to them. I’m thinking 2015 is the right time to pitch in with more than words. How does that old saying go?

Many hands make light work.

Yeah, that’s it!

Wishing you peace on earth.

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…on yesterday’s post!

Someone emailed me and said there was a notice on the post saying “Comments are Closed”. No idea where that came from. It was not intentional, at any rate. Maybe I’ll succeed in making this mini-post were comments are, indeed, possible. Because I love your feedback, whichever way the wind blows.

My second clarification is to do with the content itself. Yes, I was bemoaning the letters from the charities. But hopefully, upon careful reading, it was clear to the reader that it is RIGHT for my conscience to be awoken at this time of year, as it needs to be all year long. And not only that, I have so many blessings in my life – even if I don’t accredit them to a god somewhere – that when asked what I’d like for Christmas, it seems a travesty to ask for anything while so many others do not have the simplest necessities for survival.

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Deck the Halls



It’s that time of year again when our heads are full of sugar plums – or at least the modern equivalent. To put it another way: We’ve got Christmas on the brain and can think of nothing except all the stuff needed for making it a great holiday for one and all.
It’s a bit of a spoiler, though, getting all of these damn letters looking for donations. The Red Cross, UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, ad infinitum. I made the mistake of reading one of them about the homeless young man in Hamburg who was probably going to freeze to death for lack of a warm jacket and any hot nourishment. Or the elderly lady whose pension is so small that once the rent and utilities are paid, there’s no money left for food. Then there are the Syrian refugees, desperate to be somewhere safe and also in need of food and clothing.
How dare they ruin my fantasy of the wonderful world out there, full of colored lights, Christmas trees and good times for all!
In fact, the damage is done. All those letters have made the rot spread in my brain. So whatever you do, don’t ask me what I want for Christmas. I’ve got more than I need of everything. Please make a donation to the organization of your choice instead, even if it is small and you feel like it couldn’t possibly make a difference. All those small contributions add up and will help. We must believe that! Of course, if that’s all too impersonal for you, maybe there’s someone in the neighborhood who could use a helping hand.


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