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The Peace Bridge author is getting ready to shut down this device for the Holidays and do lots of real-time interacting with family and friends for the next couple of days.
I’d like to wish you peace for Christmas. It is such a precious commodity for its being so rare. Every year the situation on the world stage seems to deteriorate that much more. Or are we just more aware of it, with our never-ending flow of news – BAD news!
There are brief flashes of good news. For example, two grandbabies have just been born – one of them is a friend’s, the other is our very first.What kind of legacy will we be leaving them?

Since I don’t believe in praying to God, I’m praying to you to reach out with a simple act to make the world a more peaceful place. You and I won’t be able to influence world politics to any extent, but if we start close to home, in our neighborhood and in our towns, maybe small kindnesses will swell into larger ones.
I’m thinking specifically of the refugees flooding into Europe from the countries that are war-torn and sinking into chaos. I’m thinking it’s time to do something hands-on to help make them more welcome in our societies which must appear so totally foreign to them. I’m thinking 2015 is the right time to pitch in with more than words. How does that old saying go?

Many hands make light work.

Yeah, that’s it!

Wishing you peace on earth.

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…on yesterday’s post!

Someone emailed me and said there was a notice on the post saying “Comments are Closed”. No idea where that came from. It was not intentional, at any rate. Maybe I’ll succeed in making this mini-post were comments are, indeed, possible. Because I love your feedback, whichever way the wind blows.

My second clarification is to do with the content itself. Yes, I was bemoaning the letters from the charities. But hopefully, upon careful reading, it was clear to the reader that it is RIGHT for my conscience to be awoken at this time of year, as it needs to be all year long. And not only that, I have so many blessings in my life – even if I don’t accredit them to a god somewhere – that when asked what I’d like for Christmas, it seems a travesty to ask for anything while so many others do not have the simplest necessities for survival.

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In Germany towards the end of the year, you’re told by articles in the newspaper that you should take time out to be “besinnlich”.  “Sich besinnen” means to contemplate, to reflect on…something.  Wouldn’t it be more sensible to preach that in the summer when we’re all off on vacation? As Christmas approaches, who has time  to reflect on anything?

Both working men and women are hassled as the year draws to a close. There’s that project to complete, those sales projections to meet – or even better, exceed, and will the year-end results pacify corporate HQ?

But do the men have to worry about creating that special Christmas effect for their loved ones at home? I’m going to risk sounding sexist here. In most hetero families the woman gets stuck with the long to-do list: Xmas shopping and grocery shopping, home decorations, card writing, not to mention organizing the social calendar for one and all – inviting friends around, involving more work –  and then that ever-present necessity: food preparation. The only thing she has time to reflect on is what in the hell she should cook that night.

I’ve never heard a man sigh and complain about all the preparations yuletide demands. No, they have been wordlessly delegated to his partner. The men even leave their gift shopping until Christmas Eve. Then they can maintain they looked everywhere for just the right present but couldn’t find anything good enough. Of course not. The stores were all picked clean. So they drive home on the 24th in need of sympathy and a bottle of red. With glass in hand they settle in front of the television while their wives are zipping around, multi-tasking their way through the final countdown.

Or am I completely off-base here? It’s time for you men to defend yourselves. Or if you agree with me, you could submit a laudatio for your significant other half, praising her amazing organizational talents.

Oh yes, I remember now: reflections. You see how easy it is to forget them this time of year. I should be contemplating all the blessings bestowed on me: our health and wealth, our beautiful family and dear friends. But sorry, I’m pushed for time today. I’ve got to get the Xmas cards for Australia to the post office before it closes!


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